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Nasser Abughoneim Guesthouse Staying at the  Nasser Abughoneim Guest house in Abu Sir means you are a guest of Nasser Abughoneim and his family. Whether you book for one night or for the full package, you are treated as part of the family. Meals are eaten either at the family home or at the guest house.

Unlike other accommodation arrangements there are no hidden costs. When you book the whole package, you are offered an endless supply of drinking water, snacks and 24 hour service. The rooms sleep 2 to 4 people and are simple and clean. The bathrooms are shared and there is internet access in all rooms.  Nasser or Mohammed will pick you up from the airport or any other designated point.  You can design your itinerary before you come, via email or Skype, or you may choose to do it when you are here.



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  1. Egypt is my soul home, being with Naser and his family seems so normal to me. I love being with the women and children, laughing and carrying on. Even though I do not speak Arabic we understand each other!

  2. This is the very unique place to stay at and 100% unforgettable! Here you can find everything: nice and carrying hosts who will take care of you as you are part of a family, beautiful desert and pyramids just outside of the house, yoga and meditation space under the stars, delicious food and beautiful local customs.

  3. A Peaceful Oasis

    The Nasser Abu Ghoneim Guesthouse is a peaceful oasis in the middle of the desert. Located in the Bedouin village of Abusir, the Guesthouse is miles away from the chaotic pandemonium of Cairo. The food here is amazingly delicious and filling, especially the homemade falafel and eggplant that I ate for breakfast today. The rooms are comfortable and spacious – mine faced the desert and the sunrise was spectacular this morning. The wifi and hot water worked ok.

    The most wonderful part of the Guesthouse is the vibrating meditation Dome. The space is ideal for yoga and meditation practice as well as meetings and hanging out. I was blown away by the way sound travelled in the Dome – it was almost like speaking and listening to my mind. Abusir not only has pyramids nearby, but is between the ones at Giza and Saqqara. The Dome is designed to bring together and concentrate all the energy from the surrounding spiritual pathways.

  4. Having stayed with Nasser and his family at the Guest House twice now I highly recommend it. I feel a part of the family and cannot wait to get back there.

    The guest house is a truly unique experience, the caring family attitude, the wonderful food, comfortable room, and such a wonderful peaceful dome to dance, meditate or simply sit in.

    Thank you Nasser, Mohammed and your entire family for making myself and my daughter feel welcome, and ensuring I know I have a family to visit on my next time in Egypyt.
    I will be back, Christine 🙂

  5. Fantastic Excperience

    If Egypt is a beautiful country then Abu Sir is one hot spot of this beauty of Egypt . People are very friendly as well as a lot of things to do , you are literally in the Middle of it all between the great ancient pyramids of Giza and Saquara . To stay with Nasser and his family is an amazing Excperience to actually live and see for you self how simple the life in Abu Sir or indeed the country side . Nasser and Mohamed his son along with all the family are very friendly and you will have a very good food Excperience as they are all in this house are very good cooks indeed . You also will enjoy the very sophisticated dome and how sounds travels in there is amazing and the outstanding sun set , sun rise from the building .

  6. Nasser and his wonderful family made my stay in Egypt. Although I travelled there some years ago I still keep in touch as they are a highlight in my journey’s memories of an extraordinary people and place. Had I have just visited the main pyramids of Egypt on reflection, and had not stayed with Nasser and family’s Guest House in Abu Sir , I would have missed out on the highlights of my time in Egypt. Not only where the pyramid in the region of Saquara and further north of the stepped Pyramids more interesting to me, they had ancient pyramids and sites just outside within walking distance to their guesthouse. A phenomenal experience of local family and village life to enjoy a far more personal experience of one of the most interesting cultures in the world. Every detail was thought of to offer me a complete stay in the local region but also all of Egypt with such beautiful and integral people. The dome speaks for itself and it so unique in such a powerful place on the grid. If you are looking for more true experience of Egypt, you will feel honoured to have had the opportunity to stay and leave with memories that remain with you forever.

  7. I stayed with the Goneim family for 2 weeks and was treated with amazing hospitality. Nasser took me into Cairo several times and interpreted for me. Also went on an unforgettable trip to the white desert. I was lucky enough to experience a Ramadan with the family too. A great way to experience real Egyptian culture.

  8. Nous avons passé quelques jours à la guest house de Nasser Abughoneim. Cela vaut le coup, pour voir la vie dans un village d’Egypte, loin des sentiers touristiques convenus. Tout n’y est pas idyllique, on voudrait que les services municipaux et la voirie soient plus efficaces, mais nous y avons été comme chez nous, l’accueil est impeccable, les gens sympathiques et chaleureux, la maison confortable et très propre. Demandez aussi à y dîner, c’est simple et excellent. Et prenez le temps de papoter avec Nasser, qui vous racontera 1000 anecdotes savoureuses sur les belles heures du tourisme à Gizeh, et avec son fils Mohamed, tous deux parlent un bon anglais. Ils pourront de plus vous faire visiter tous les sites archéologiques du coin, qu’ils connaissent comme leur poche.
    Allez donc à Saqqarah !

  9. Food is delicious and plenty,
    Communication is perfect and quick. Very nice people and a beautiful guesthouse, close to the site of Saqqara. شكرا جزيلا لك
    … Belgian group / 11 people

  10. Thanks to all of you for what u write about us and we hope to see all of you soon in abusir for moor time all the best to you and best wishes from abusir

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