About Abu Sir

Abu Sir village is situated in a valley next to the Abu Sir Pyramid site on the desert plateau, 10 km (7 miles) south of Giza and around 1 km north of Saqqara. Situated a convenient 35 km south of the Egyptian capital Cairo.

Down town Abu Sir, Al Badarashin, Giza, Egypt
Down town Abu Sir, Al Badarashin, Giza, Egypt

Abu Sir village is a bit off the beaten track and is a perfect place to experience village life. Off course some modernity such as Televisions, Computers and mobile phones have entered village life, there is much of the past to experience and enjoy. Fresh produce sold in the street market, donkey driven 2678_87399399615_616179615_2479297_5022437_ncarts, bread baked in the outdoors and mostly the people love of parties, music and dance. Abu sir is the site of a compact pyramid field, with pyramids and funerary temples dating mainly from the 5th Dynasty of the Old Kingdom. Because Abu Sir has less P1060199visitors than Giza, or even Saqqara. you can explore the area with far less hassle

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